Healing Tools for Meditation

Are you ready to take the journey within?

About The Wicked Gypsie

Our Mission

I am Kasie,  I create customized healing tools for meditation. Using all natural crystals and gemstones,  each having their own unique healing properties. If you or someone you know is seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit, meditation is the perfect medicine.If you are not sure where to start, that is exactly why I am here, to create these beautiful and useful healing tools. These tools are not only useful to help you start a meditation practice, but they can also enhance your established practice with alternative healing techniques such as reiki and crystal therapy.

Natural Healing

When you take your own self discipline and the tools, techniques, and information I provide. You can help yourself heal from any issues in the body. Thoroughly working with your spiritual system , The seven main chakras and the crystals this alternative technique is getting to the root of your issue rather than a pharmaceutical band aid.  To help heal the planet we must heal ourselves.

Our Promise to You

I ensure all of my tools are made with the utmost quality  of materials and are all handcrafted in the USA. If you have any issues with any of my products please send me an email and I will do my best to provide satisfaction in every way.

 Thank you so much NAMASTE 

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